How to Maintain a Nordic Walking Pole

The clasp method of holding Nordic walking sticks was made to help extend and work your arms longer, and to raise turning of spine and buttocks.

If you maintain the sticks too tight, then your hands will hurt after some time;
If you maintain the sticks too loosely, they could flail about (along with the final thing you need is to draw some more attention to your self! Ha!)
The matter about holding Nordic walking poles is the fact that it is not just one grip action. It’s more of a clasp, loosen, traction, loosen procedure. It is a kind of push , haul forward strategy to the sticks. (You lift and pull on the sticks forward to make certain that the tips do not drag on the floor as that’ll wear out the tips fairly quickly )

Be aware that the grips on a few Nordic rods (like in the photograph above) are like holsters, along with the holster must point away from you, facing in the direction you’re going.

Step By Step

The moment once you first push on the rod, you want to get a solid grip on the rod (of course, or you would not have a push);
As you step forward, along with your hands and the handle begin to fall back, then open marginally the palm of your hands and unwind your hands a bit to allow your arm and the wrist perform more by shoving the strap — therefore the push thrust transfers from the grip to the strap;
When the arm and pole are furthest out behind you, your palms should be slightly loose on the grip. (Some let you pretend you have just a tiny bird on your hand, you would like to avoid escaping, but maybe not squish it)1;
As your arm along with the rod begin to move ahead, your palms begin to close in again somewhat more securely on the grip enough so you could lift and lift the rod to haul back it forwards without pulling it
By the time the grip is forward and prepared for the push , your grip ought to be firm enough to begin another push backagain.
To recap:
Grip the handle completely at the start of this push ;
Immediately after the onset of the push , begin to relax your grip and then move responsiblity for the drive for your arm and wrist through the strap;
By the time that your arm drops back beyond your cool, your hands should have practically let it go with fingers there to maneuver it
As the rod goes ahead and moves your cool, your grip begins to twist onto it more.
It is a little annoying at first to have to keep reminding yourself, but after a while your body will remember you do not need to. Apparently, it is well worth putting it right because in the event that you bypass the open hands piece, you won’t have the ability to perform the correct body area rotations (cervical and shoulder ) based on Marko Kantaneva, among the men and women who developed the game.

Other things to note about holding the sticks

When you measure out using the sticks for the first time , have the sticks wrapped on and allow them literally drag behind you, bouncing along on the rod tips, before the grips naturally make their way to the rhythm of your own palms;
Your body needs to lean forward a bit but not too much;
Hold your sticks in close to your body;
Hands and feet proceed contrary, just like in walking, i.e. as your left hand goes ahead, your right hand moves backwards;
Pole plant — exactly what Nordic walking authors predict the minute the suggestion of the rod firmly strikes the earth behind you;
The rod strikes the floor diagonally with you;
To test if you’re doing it correctly, do it on sidewalk free of rubber tip — you’re apparently supposed to listen to solitary, sharp, transparent”click, click, clicks” instead of any pulling or scratching of the metallic tip.
The method of pushing and holding with Nordic walking poles isn’t entirely written in stone everywhere. There are lots of variations. The only variant I’d warn against is that the variant I appear to wind up doing occasionally — I still do not necessarily get it right!

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