The Trip of Fun – Travel to England

England, the mighty and one of the most magnificent countries in the whole community is known worldwide for the beautiful streets, mighty buildings, impressive locations and the wonderful people.

England was perhaps one of the first country to get properly modernized and henceforth travel to Britain has always been a very popular prospect. England offers a wide range of activities for those person who is on a traveleuropeth to England. Though England is actually expensive, this beautiful and amazingly wonderful country is home to numerous famous superstars Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe to name a few. Not only that, this amazing country is famous for the big clock namely Great Ben to tell the time to all people who are on a travel to The united kingdom. The London eye which is very amazing is a massive Giant wheel pretty much in the heart of London it is world wide known for the amazing view of the city not wearing running shoes offers.

The museums in England are so wonderful that when an individual goes to travel to England, one does not want to return ever previously. Be it beautiful Chelsea parks or the simpleton Manchester driveways, England is superior as it has the right mixture of village development as well as amazing nature.

The thing that England is most widely known is its Football, be it the superb Chelsea Football club on the amazing Stamford Bridge or the Significant Arsenal in the soul of London. Not only that some of the greatest players play for The uk National Team. On one’s travel to England, one can visit and find Oxford Street in London which is very much famous involving one and all as big and amazingly talented film personalities and other superb rich people consider it as their personal retail complex.

Have you ever dreamed of traveling in England, Wales and Scotland and really getting to know the people, society and culture? Well, there is no better way to do that than to travel and stay at bed and breakfast locations throughout. It’s a way to get a true feel of it all and soak up the culture and history all at the same time, meeting fellow travelers, guides and meeting the folks whose heritage and ancestry has roamed, worked and owned the land for 10s of generations.

Bed and Breakfast travel is the way to see it all and see it as it is, without all the plastic signs and tourist traps creating a façade of non-reality. If you are with me on this concept and want to learn more about it all, well then, may I be so bold as to tell you of my own travels and the book I used to do it? Okay then, let me recommend this very special and informational guide to the bed and breakfast stays in England, Wales and Scotland:

“The Best Bed and Breakfast; England, Scotland, Wales” by Mortimer, Wells and Darbey; published by U.K.H.M. Publishing Ltd.

This book is fully illustrated and during my travels from California’s LAX to Heathrow, I had ample time to read through it and see all the pictures, thinking wow, I wonder if it is as they say. It is, it truly is. In this guide each city shows lists of bed and breakfast stays and compares them to each other in a simple easy to read the chart.