LEDs offer an extremely efficient and long-lasting supply of lighting. When multiple LEDs are packed together in a very long, narrow casing, they produce a strip of mild otherwise called linear lighting. This comparatively straightforward layout concept has revolutionised how LEDs are used in light applications.

Linear lighting may totally transform the sense of a room and features considerably in modern architecture.

— Suspended
— Recessed
— Surface
— Modular
— Strip

Suspended Linear Lighting

Suspended linear light integrates a light fixture which hangs from the ceiling, typically suspended by chains or strings. This sort of fixture gives a clean, constant, linear profile of lighting, creating a modern feel for a selection of applications.

Suspended linear lighting could be mounted in many different styles, lengths and mixes to improve architectural interest or match the selected space. Suspension lighting is very suited to spaces using a generous ceiling height.


Likewise, they are sometimes utilized to make stunning accent lighting. From illuminating a stairway or atrium into showcasing a reception desk, dangled linear lighting is utilized to create an impression in many different spaces.

Traditionally, suspended linear profiles are directly. But, they may also be formed to make curved profiles. Although subtler, directly profiles may be both eye catching, especially when installed in stunning, geometric layouts.

In open plan spaces, curved profiles are especially powerful and may be used to create a feeling of motion through a space. In the same way, circular profiles are frequently utilized to divide an area into various locations.

Picture an LED sized ring suspended lower compared to the surrounding light. This program can create a feeling of focus in certain locations and is very effective when installed in galleries or museums to emphasize displays such as.

Recessed Linear Lighting

Recessed lighting is set up in a hollow opening at a surface, including a wall or ceiling. This sort of linear LED may be used to make clean, imperceptible lines or contours of lighting which combine seamlessly into the wall and ceiling surfaces of a room to be part of its fabric.

Recessed lighting could have a strong impact and frequently transforms a room, including the wow factor to modern architectural design. Increasingly common at work, recessed linear LED lighting demands thoughtful layout.

While suspended lighting features flexibility and relative simplicity of installation and program, powerful recessed lighting schemes would be caused by an intricate design procedure. Therefore, recessed lighting can be most acceptable for installation in new builds, fit-outs or refurbishment projects, in which the lighting scheme could be key to the overall design process from the original concept through to completion.

Surface Linear Lighting

Surface LED linear lighting are mounted on ceilings and walls. The setup method is often simple and the light is often utilized in retrofit jobs. Traditionally given that the reputation of being somewhat pragmatic in design, now’s surface light supplies considerably greater than a sensible solution.

While surface light is the best alternative for low and airy ceilings and can be utilized efficiently to mild flow areas, staircases and spaces with limited access, due to enhancements and developments in the design and technologies, distinctive and striking designs may nevertheless be made with surface linear LED lighting.

Surface mounted linear lighting may be used efficiently to enhance architectural features and may be incorporated with joinery details to add interest to a selection of various spaces.


While wall mounted light might be the only alternative for illuminating specific spaces in certain listed buildings for instance, it’s becoming a more popular first option in a selection of modern industrial interiors.

Surface mounted lighting are often utilized in workplace environments. By way of instance, surface linear lighting can be set up involving wooden slats to make a more comfortable environment for break-out and casual meeting locations.

Modular Linear Lighting

Linear lighting layouts aren’t limited to only luminaires. Most suspended, surface and recessed lighting products could be connected together to produce modular light layouts. From subtle to standout layouts, whether bold or slender lines, modular linear lighting may be utilized to make approaches to suit any room.

Strip Lighting

Based on the program, an effective solution to linear lighting might be strip light .

LED strips are elastic and can be bought from the span. This permits the user to purchase the distance of strip necessary for the program. While linear lighting may of course be connected, human linear luminaires are often offered in specified lengths.

While the two are simple to install, the flexibility of LED strips signifies that they are especially powerful for use in difficult to attain and peculiarly-shaped places. Learn more about installing and choosing strip lighting within our manual.

LED light strips nevertheless usually have subjected wiring and circuits. This may render them suitable for visible applications, unlike linear lighting that are inclined to be placed in sleek fixtures.