What Does Meditation Music Do To You?

I believe I belief that it is possible for anyone to live a life of joy and happiness, inner peace, and outward success, no matter what their gift or past circumstances.

There are very real methods someone can use to achieve these things-if they are willing to make the crucial changes in how they see themselves and their relationship to the other outdoor world, and take the necessary actions.

All traditions for meditation flow from one premise: that the entire universe includes one all-encompassing energy, intelligent and aware, existing a long time as the source of everything. Because there is nothing outside of it, say the mystics, because of its completeness, this energy has nothing to get hold of or need, nothing to fear. Simply because it is its design to do so, this one energy continually spins itself out given that the entire, infinite universe. The very nature of this energy, you can, is contentment, love, peace, happiness, and perfection.

The very totality of this energy, say the mystics, is who a person are; your seeming separateness, an illusion. Saints and also sages have for centuries attempted to describe to humankind a state of awareness where this feeling of oneness with anything in the universe is the predominant experience.

For thousands of years, curious seekers have responded to these explanations by asking, “If Really this one, infinite energy, the beginning less and endless totality of everything, if I really am Love itself, in that case why do I feel so bad? Why do I have plenty of problems? Why don’t I feel the peace and happiness everyone say is my true nature? “

And the mystic invariably would answer, “You do not experience your a fact nature because of your mind. Your mind keeps you from the experience of what precisely truly is. “

These explanations state that the one vigor of reality, at the moment of creation, polarized itself perfectly into a seeming duality-good and evil, male and female, up and down, every now and then and all other pairs of seeming opposites.

This duality, yet , is more apparent than real. In each pair of opposites, each part is dependent on the other for its existence, like couple of sides of the same coin. “Cold” is meaningless without “hot”; “good” makes no sense without “bad”. According to the mystical philosophies of the East, it is the tension between these sets of opposites, in your mind, that actually causes the universe towards manifest.

This tension between opposites is also reflected on the human brain. The brain, divided into two hemispheres, right and left side, has the same dual structure-made more acute by the reality in virtually all people the two hemispheres are unbalanced, circumstances called brain lateralization. Since the brain filters our certainty in this split-brain way, we tend to see things in terms of duality rather than the oneness spoken of by mystics.

Of course , at this time we know that this is true-the mind does indeed make a filter, coloring our view of reality simply as colored glasses give an illusory tint to what we see. As we grow up, our brain is programmed that some things hurt and should be avoided, while others bring pleasure and should be found.

Our brain will always filter reality to confirm that it’s predominant beliefs and associations are the truth. No consider we don’t see the universe of love and harmony called by saints and mystics!

If the brain could mysteriously learn to operate in a more coherent, holistic manner, if ever the two sides of the brain could somehow balance, play more, and function, as one, then possibly our experience of simple fact would be different. The more lateralization in the brain (in several other words, the more tension between polar opposites) the more sentiments of separation, fear, anxiety, and isolation. In fact , we shall see, only a lateralized brain can continue to entertain the types of beliefs that result in dysfunctional and addictive behaviors and then the painful feelings that accompany them.

But our brain really should not considered like an organ what produces our consciousness, provide consider it instead like the product of our consciousness. The joints between the cells in our brain become created following the essential of our consciousness. In this way, our brain evolves and manufactures his self and our implicit consciousness. Therefore , have got to our mind be seen as a potentiality!

Modern brain researching indicates that long-term meditation does in fact balance your brain, creating a synchrony between the two hemispheres. They discovered that electronic brain wave patterns of meditators changed, in days of deep meditation, to a single, coherent pattern, revealing that both sides of the brain – ordinarily out of point – were working together in a balanced, synchronous process.

This and other research has demonstrated that this balancing, or harmonisation, of the hemispheres of the brain happens in all forms of reflection. The degree of hemispheric synchronization can be very precisely determined by measuring the very meditator’s brain wave patterns with an electroencephalograph (EEG) machines.

Any kind of focusing will bring about a degree of brain synchronization (i. e. meditation). The greater the focus, the greater the synchronization (and the deeper the meditative state).

The mystic, next, sitting to meditate, balances the brain through some form of concentrating on, whether by repeating a prayer or mantra, to get attention on the flow of the breath, staring at a candlepower unit flame, or by using one of many other techniques. Whatever the tactic, the effect on the brain is substantially the same-brain synchronization, and after much practice, transcendental experience.

So just what is this transcendental awareness? Is it becoming some kind of a blob of undifferentiated guru that wants to sit and stare at its navel instead of going to work in the morning, or some kind of robed, smiling man or women handing out flowers in the airport?

Contrary to common Western mythology about such things, persons operating continually in this type of concentration (a kind of 24-hour-a-day state of meditative alertness in some cases referred to as “the awakened mind”) are more productive, happier, along with capable of more intimacy, more creativity, and more wholeness. As the filter through which they view reality does not split all in to categories based on arbitrary early life programming, some people see life more objectively, without fear and litigation, without a need to manipulate others, without need for approval-in simple, without the limitations of mental programming.

This is, in fact , a situation of peak performance. And, when the brain is in this exceptionally synchronous and coherent state, it produces large quantities of pleasure-causing petrochemicals called endorphins, making the whole experience very delightful!

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