Why You Need to Protect Your Skin From UV Rays

Suntan lotions and sunless tanning products have consistently capitalized on the fact that UV rays are bad for the skin and can cause skin cancer to develop their own industry. However, ultraviolet rays are not inherently bad. In fact, they’re employed in many treatments of several diseases. But the fact of the matter is that too much of anything is bad. In essence, you protect your skin from too much exposure to UV rays and not from UV rays themselves as they are naturally great.

Ultraviolet ray is a sort of electromagnetic radiation that retains an intense concentration of energy that causes mutation in cells. Even if the term radiation usually connotes a lot of unwanted effects, UV rays still have a great deal of positive uses. First is the fact that it is needed by the human body to produce Vitamin D that helps fight off many ailments. Secondly, it is used in many medical programs like (1) ultraviolet antisepsis which kills off bacteria and microorganisms, (2) ultraviolet treatment that involves the use of ultraviolet radiation to cure many diseases like psoriasis, and (3) ultraviolet irradiation used additionally to cure various ailments and purge a range of tools and instruments. Third, it is used aesthetically for skin care tanning purposes.

It’s due to the simple fact that UV beams contain an immense amount of energy within itself which over-exposure can lead to serious eye and skin conditions, not to mention severe damage to the immune and nervous system. Even though the human body can also be equipped to fix itself through different defense and recovery mechanisms, when exposed to a large amount of ultraviolet rays at small intervals, damage may be grave and permanent. In extreme cases, it can even be fatal. How to protect your skin at best from UV rays? Which sunscreen to choose based on your skin type? Emmanuelle, our trainer, gives you her advice and answers all your questions to help you build your Routine protection soleil!

The UV beams’ energy is the most important reason why it is very good for the entire body, but only in small doses. After the skin is exposed to too much UV rays, serious health consequences might become inevitable. With the most common exposure of ultraviolet radiation coming from outdoor activities such as flea, what occurs is that over-exposure usually happens without you realizing it. The next thing you know, you could already be diagnosed with skin cancer or be disfigured for life. That’s why it is imperative that you shield your skin from too much exposure to UV rays. The best practice to guard your skin would be to always wear sunscreen and wear sunglasses.