WHY You should Have a HEN PARTY

Having a hen celebration before getting married is all part of the experience. They’ve been part of marriage culture for centuries, now you don’t need to break tradition do you? Nowadays lots of people opt from a hen party to put more money to the wedding, there is nothing wrong with this, but you really are missing out on a vital portion of the wedding experience.

Not convinced? Continue reading.

It’s your last night of freedom!

You are soon going to be wed and life’s responsibilities are looming. How to stack the dishwasher, perfecting the art of hoovering on your martial home will be lifetime. Your hen party could be your final night to act silly and do dumb drunken stuff, it’s all about pleasure and banter. Revel in it.

Life drawing in Liverpool


Its heritage not to plan your own hen do, so it’s the ideal chance to try something new and be surprised. Your friends will want to ensure that this will be the best weekend of your Life drawing in Liverpool, they’ll spoil you rotten and ensure your weekend is jam packed with laughs and entertainment. Who wouldn’t want that?


A weekend is a golden chance to catch up and reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in years, chances are you’re invite old school or uni friends. Let us face it individual meet up’s are not ideal and often are not doable. Plus this manner all your friends as folks can socialize if they haven’t previously fulfilled. Winner, this is killing two birds with a single rock at its finest plus it is certain to be amazing.

It does not have to be expensive

Regardless of what the majority of people think fish parties don’t need to charge a arm and a leg. This is often the rationale of picking out, the expense. Here at Hangover Weekends we can make bespoke package to suit your budget. We will make certain you have a memorable weekend no matter your budget!